Our story

The Festival was born on the 1st of August 2007 in Gibellina, a unique town in the city centre of Sicily. Our idea was to create a festival in the heart of our mother land to show that it was possible to start up a festival totally powered by private sponsors, a real utopia! That’s why we decided to organise the Festival in Gibellina, a new place in Sicily, city of Concrete Utopia.

The idea for the festival came out when Dario Ferrante visited the “Grande Cretto” with Daniele Balsamo, an engineer raised and born in Gibellina and co-founder of the festival. Daniele asked Dario if it was possible to organise a festival in Gibellina…Dario imagined a wind farm right behind the Grande Cretto. Six months later a multinational company set up one the biggest wind farms in Sicily right behind the monumental artwork. So it was quite natural to imagine a festival promoting renewable energies in Gibellina 😉