Our Mission

“Alter-native Energies wants to create a community of free citizens, artists, young people, public bodies, private companies that work together for the promotion of the practical applications of renewable energies and green solutions in the performing arts and in our communities, to foster green education and social engagement with respect to the sustainability of its activities, its associates and volunteers”

Our main objectives

– to support young local performers through training, youth exchange and mobility abroad

– to encourage cooperation and international mobility in the field of youth and sustainability among cultural associations and organisations

– to support initiatives for European cooperation in the cultural sector

– to foster intercultural dialogue and fight climate change through arts

– to promote international cooperation activities in the field of arts in general, and performing arts in particular

Main activities

– organisation of a festival with dance, theatre, music and video performances

– organization of training and workshops for young performers

– support to local communities through charity events using theatre, dance and music

– youth exchange in the field of performing arts with European partners

– theatre and music labs in disadvantaged schools

Energie alter-native has 7 unpaid staff (volunteers)