Educational projects

Alter-native Energies is devoted to environmental education since its foundation in 2007. In these years, we have organised several educational projects in primary and secondary schools throughout Sicily and at national level. We promote green labs and educational workshops in schools, universities and training centers on sustainability in the performing arts and in everyday’s life. Our association has long-term experience in the educational fields thanks to members and associates that work and teach in the educational sector.

Here some videos from previous green workshops and theatre performances in schools and public spaces.

Vento Soffia più forte! (wind, blow stronger”), a theatre performance for primary school students on wind energy

On Saturday 26 September 2015, Alter-native Energies went to Gibellina (Sicily) for a workshop with primary school children. 125 young people listened to Dario Ferrante, for more than an hour. Proud to bring the culture of clean energy to schools, to squares, to the youngest!