The Festival produced theatre shows on the themes of renewable energies, energy saving and critical consumption. These are two shows that were produced and performed in different Festival editions:

“Vento soffia più forte!” (Wind, blow stronger!)

It is a theatre performance that has been designed and created to sensitize new generations on a very topical issue: clean energy, renewable energy, respect and protection of the environment. The show speaks of the wind, tells the most significant and symbolic moments between man and this powerful force of nature. Miriam Palma liked the immediacy of the idea “wind” because it has in itself the idea of ​​the game (the wind whirls the windmill) and of the utility (the wind makes the sailboats move, it helps the reproduction of the plants etc. etc.). These concepts of prompt understanding offer viewers scientific and humanistic knowledge, through the expressive language of theatre. In particular we used the Theatre of Shadows, full of charm and poetry, live music and video projections, interwoven as a fairy tale. Please check the official video of “Vento soffia più forte!”

“Ode to the end of the world” (Una ballata alla fine)

In 2015 the Festival staged “Una ballata alla fine”, a play based on “The end of the Titanic” by Hans Magnus Enzensberger, the greatest living German poet.

Director’s Notes It is the collapse of an era, the end of a historical period in which it was thought that thanks to technological progress all would have been possible. This is the underlying theme of “Una balla alla fine”, a multisensorial performance based on the text “The end of the Titanic” by Hans Magnus Enzensberger. And it is the Titanic, giant ocean liner departed from Southampton (UK) in 1912 and headed to New York, which becomes a symbol of the end. It is a theatre piece which wants to criticize modern society and its crazy consumerism. Only the second class passengers died in Titanic tragedy. Rich people were the first to be saved by rescue boats…

Please check the official video of “Ode to the end of the world”

The Festival theatre shows can be performed at your request. Please contact us if you are interested in organising one date of our productions.